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April 18, 2014

Parcel #2 Sewalong: Want to Win a Brother 1034D Serger?

It's been another inspiring sale at Perfect Pattern Parcel. While we haven't wrapped up Parcel #2 just yet, we are humbled that with your help we have already raised another $1,800 for the charity (Claps hands!) Those funds are a huge help to teachers and students in need. The notes sent from the teachers we helped during Parcel #1 really cemented our decision to give the remainder of our profits after expenses to charity. Thank you for your generosity.

Parcel #2 Inspirations: Hanami Tops and Dresses
Hanimis by fake it while you make it, Needle and Ted, C'est La Vie, Modern Handmade, & A Jennuine Life

We've also been SUPER inspired in seeing the projects you've all been sewing up with the patterns in Parcel #2. If you've been following along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, we've been showing off the garments made by both the bloggers on our tour and the ones you have shared with us. Really amazing stuff!

Parcel #2 Inspirations: Caroline Dresses
Caroline Dresses by Call Ajaire, Lauren Dahl, Stitched Together, sewVery, & Lexi Made

In order to continue to encourage you as awesome-sauce makers, we've decided to host a Parcel #2 Sewalong! Now through May 2nd, post your Parcel #2 projects to your Kollabora profile. Don't have a Kollabora page yet? WHAT?!? Kollabora is a DIY project sharing site made by makers for makers. It's really an awesome site that we love and think you will love, too. When you post your Parcel #2 Sewalong projects make sure to include 'Pattern Parcel #2' in the “Supplies” section of your project so that it shows up in the PPP feed!

Parcel #2 Inspirations: September Tunics
September Tunics by Buzzmills, 2 little hooligans, CailaMade, Lexi Made, & So Cal Sewing Mom

Parcel #2 Inspirations: Hosh Pants
Hosh Pants by P comme Plimplim, YoSaMi, Lauren Dahl, lea & lars, & Stitched

Need some inspiration to get started on the Parcel #2 Sewalong? Each of our lovely blogger's posts are pinned to the Official Pattern Parcel pinterest board. I encourage you to also peruse their blogs as they do some really amazing work.

Shawnta Sews / P comme Plimplim / CailaMade / While she was sleeping / YoSaMi / Stitched Together / Sew Like My Mom / Marina Bebe / Lexi Made / sewVery / Call Ajaire / I Married Superman / Girl like the sea / Stitched / Compagnie M. / Buzzmills / floating world / fake it while you make it / Sewing Mama RaeAnna / Our Chez Nous / NeurosesGalore / Behind the Hedgerow / Needle and Ted / Kadiddlehopper / 2 little hooligans / / Siestas & Sewing / So Cal Sewing Mom / Lauren Dahl / La gang à Nat / Frances Suzanne / Radiant Home Studio / Modern Handmade / A Jennuine Life / It's Always Autumn / lea & lars / I Seam Stressed / So, Zo... What do you know? / Andrea's Notebook / Steph Skardal / Nutta! / Sewpony / Inder Loves Folk Art / Pienkel /

Parcel #2 Inspirations: Celestial Tees
Celestial Tees by Our Chez Nous, Behind the Hedgerow, Needle and Ted, Stitched, & Radiant Home Studio

Parcel #2 Inspirations: Prefontaine Shorts for Kids
Prefontaine Shorts by Siestas & Sewing, Kadiddlehopper, Pienkel, Marina Bebe, & Needle and Ted

To sweeten the Parcel #2 Sewalong, we've also added in a big giveaway. Every day that you add a project to your Kollabora profile and tag the supply as Pattern Parcel #2, you can get 5 entries in to the giveaway. There are also a handful of other ways to win, too. Oh, you want to know what we're giving away? Only a Brother 1034D Serger! :)

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! Can't wait to see what you make for the Sewalong...

Pattern Parcel rocks!

April 10, 2014

Big changes at Perfect Pattern Parcel

I live my life with little to no regret. Bad things that happen to you are learning experiences for the future. Every event that has occurred in your life up until this point has shaped the person you are. When the going gets tough, think to yourself, “Why am I doing this? What is important to me?”

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor: How conflict can cause introspection or why I am turning all the profits from Perfect Pattern Parcel over to charity.
Wall art by Mr. Pickwicks

The events that happened this pat weekend that ultimately led to Rachael and Pattern Parcel parting ways left me reeling. I had lost my blogging best friend, and all of a sudden overnight my blog and business were nothing by stress, chaos and confusion. I was left to ponder:

“Why am I doing this? Why did I start my blog and Pattern Parcel? Why should I keep going?”

It all just brought me back to the core of it all. I love to share what I make and teach people how to make it too. I love the online making community. I am passionate about independent, small designer businesses. I think it is incredibly important to give back and be charitable.

This is what is important to me and my family. This is what Danny and I believe in. We believe in being good people. We believe in helping others. We want to teach our children to hold these beliefs close to their hearts.

We also thinking running a business is fun and it’s even more fun to do together. Building something from nothing, creating a product that customers want, making the first’s exciting. Pattern Parcel is a learning tool. We read books and attend webinars. We test new ideas and analyze the results. It’s like our third baby, except I didn’t have a c-section to give birth to it and it’s not giving me stretch marks. ;)

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor: How conflict can cause introspection or why I am turning all the profits from Perfect Pattern Parcel over to charity.
Wall art by Kaelah of The Clueless Girl

A few days rumination have brought Danny and I to this decision:

Going forward, all profits from Perfect Pattern Parcel will be also donated to charity.

We’re going back to the basics of it all. Supporting indie designers, being charitable, and developing community. Don’t worry. Nothing about Perfect Pattern Parcel is changing for you. We’re going to continue to build awesome collections of patterns from kickass designers. We’ll be continuing to feature talented bloggers who showcase the versatility of the patterns. And as always, we're going to continue to let you choose your price for the patterns and Pattern Parcel is still going to cover all the costs associated with running the sales. Then we're going to donate the rest. We may even be throwing in a sew-a-long contest or two. ;)

Thank you for reading to the end with me here. I am sincerely thankful for your support. It’s why I fell in love with blogging and this community.

Want to help and be part of Perfect Pattern Parcel ? Please shoot us an email at We'd love to have you.

Haven't gotten your copy of Parcel #2 yet? It's a lovely collection of spring essentials for a little girl's wardrobe.
Choose your price.
Help children's education.
Support independent designers.


April 8, 2014

Prefontaine Shorts for Kids into Track Pants

If your kids are anything like mine, they love their Prefontaine Shorts. I recently went through Jimmy's dresser to make a box of hand-me-downs for his cousin and to cycle in the larger sizes in anticipation of warmer weather. I did this in the hopes of sending winter away, but it snowed one more time. Grr... In any case, while were were cleaning shorts out Jimmy saw these:

Pin-up girl Prefontaine Shorts for Kids. My son is in love with these!

Unfortunately they are obscenely too small for him now, never mind when he would wear them three months for now. Into the hand-me-down box they went. Cue the tears. Huge, pathetic tears. So I promised him new ones. Lots of new Prefontaines.

Use the Prefontaine Shorts pattern to make Track Pants for your kids. My son is in love with these!

Since it's a bit too cool here for shorts I lengthened the pattern in to Prefontaine Track Pants. Success! They're great comfy, wide leg pants. Or hell, even jammies. Lord knows Jimmy would wear them day and night if I let him.

Use the Prefontaine Shorts pattern to make Track Pants for your kids. My son is in love with these!

Here's how you do it:
Use a clear gridded quilting ruler to mark a line 1.5" above the bottom of the front pattern piece parallel to the bottom edge. Make sure the line you makre is above the entire retro curve of the side seam, but below the crotch point. Mark a second line on your back pattern piece the exact same distance up from the bottom hem. Cut the bottoms off of both pattern pieces along those lines.

Measure your kiddo's hip to ankle length. Tape paper to your both pattern pieces. Reattach the retro curved hems of the pattern pieces so that the length of the pattern's side seam is your child's hip to ankle length plus 1.5". True the inseam pattern lines to match crotch points and bottom hems.

Use the Prefontaine Shorts pattern to make Track Pants for your kids. My son is in love with these!

You will need to make a longer length of "bias" tape tshirt trim but one upcycled tshirt was still more than enough. Then just assemble your track pants as you would the Prefontaine Shorts. Easy, peasey. Now I've got one happy boy.

Use the Prefontaine Shorts pattern to make Track Pants for your kids. My son is in love with these!

Use the Prefontaine Shorts pattern to make Track Pants for your kids. My son is in love with these!

Don't have a copy of the Prefontaine Shorts for Kids pattern yet? It's part of the Pattern Parcel #2 sale as the Bonus Pattern. Or you can get it directly here.

Click to get Parcel #2